Design Showroom in Florida

Patricia Salcedo had her finger on the pulse of the New York interior design scene for over twenty years. She led a full-service team of residential and commercial designers and created one of New York’s most comprehensive and luxurious design showrooms.

Patricia is now bringing her experience, resources and notable creativity to Florida. “I’ve sourced materials and garnered inspiration from Florida and brought that back to New York for years,” Salcedo said. Now, with a move to Florida’s east coast, Salcedo is doing the same, just in reverse.

Salcedo has now expanded her network of contractors, sub-contractors, artisans and suppliers which benefits residential and commercial clients in both New York and Florida, where she opened a new design showroom in Boca Raton. Salcedo adds, “My access to both New York and Florida inspiration as well as materials and sourcing is a design win!”