Tying Together Two Metals

Don’t want to be tied to a specific design trend or style era? Consider combining metal finishes. Remember when oil rubbed bronze was the binding metal during the Tuscan design trend? That warm metal tone gave way to other warm hues such as copper and rose gold.

The design world and the resurgence of white interiors then called for a shift and the cooler tones of chrome became the metal of the day. Chrome, and all its incarnations including brushed nickel, satin nickel and pewter would in fact last for many days, even years, and remains a popular choice.

Although, design is back celebrating the warmth of gold and brass. But, for how long? At III View Design, we like to look beyond trends giving our clients a more timeless space. One such way to achieve that goal is by not being tied down to just one metal finish. So, mix those metals!